The One thing you need to start your Business

A year ago, I was at a seminar where some great speakers came to inspire us by talking about their experiences.

There were about five speakers in that long week seminar but one of them struck me when he said "Ideas are not special".

I was awestruck because for years I'd always fallen in love with my ideas but never thought about how to actually get married to them(yes you read that right).

The moment you decide to carry out your business or startup idea, it becomes a part of you, it becomes your baby.

You might have probably had that amazing idea in the past but you couldn't carry it out because you were afraid it was all going to turn out like shit because you are waiting for your plan to look clear, precise and set.

But you need to understand that Business success doesn’t come by sitting at a grand table looking for loopholes to your idea, success in business only comes around by execution.

I know you might be thinking "but I might fail if I do it", oh yes, there is a fifty percent chance you will fail but you would never know if you don't try.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs today failed at some point in their careers but these stories are not really publicised because as human beings we like to identify with success stories.

We are wired to not like the process but we just want to see the end product right away it take self discipline to train your mind that nothing comes easy.

I'd be lying to you if I told you to start that business and it would all be a fairytale, it would rather be like a war where you might get bested time and again but you would use that experience that you've gathered over the years to own your territory.

It is good to have ideas but what really matters is the moves you make to bring that idea to reality, if not they'd just be nothing but failed dreams. Take that leap of faith today.

Brand Copywriter and Social Media Strategist