The Founder’s Crash Course on Launching

You’re a founder building a startup?

There is one thing you shouldn’t take for granted. A solid marketing campaign particularly for your launch.

This would involve using the right Marketing tactics:

1. Twitter (Social Media)

One major reason twitter is your go-to space for your product launch is that most of your target Customers (millennials and GenZ) are on this platform and building a Community and creating a buzz about your product is easier.

2. Email Marketing strategy

It’s important to create a room or universe for you and your Customers. This is why we thank God for email Marketing. This Strategy helps you to create a bond with your target Customers and to do it well. There has one a nurturing phase down to when you can start promoting your offers

3. Content Strategy

“Content is King”, “Content is King”. The anthem on everybody’s lips but why is it king?

I think people just spam content randomly and expect customers to engage without intentionality but it doesn’t work like that.

To create Content you need to understand how your target customer thinks, his worries and what he cares about.

Here’s the actual quote “Content is King when there is a strategy put in place”

I was looking at how the ceo and his employees are always talking about updates about the product and how they want to make life easier for their customers.

This might seem like a small detail but this little action shows that the brand has a human side.

The customers automatically feel connected to the brand because they feel the empathy.



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